Technical assistance and training programs for developing countries

The SWRF recognizes that the greatest need for sustainable and forward-thinking water and energy solutions exists in developing countries. To meet the increasingly pressing needs of these nations, the Foundation hosts training programs and offers expert technical assistance. These programs bolster the water community by encouraging interaction among the local, national, and international levels and fit within the Foundation’s greater goal of educating the general public and inspiring interest in clean water and energy solutions.



As part of the SWRF’s charter, we strive to promote the advancement of innovative water technology solutions to secure clean water sustainability. To this end, we directly support development through our scholarship programs, competitive fellowships and internships which allow participants to work alongside the leaders of the water industry and gain practical experience that will enable them to become future leaders themselves. To get involved with SWRF scholarship, fellowships, and internships, contact us at

Water Engineers and Technicians Without Borders

Alongside efforts to spread pioneering water solutions, the SWRF hosts a growing community of dedicated water engineers and technicians who volunteer their expertise for global betterment.

These professionals assist critical projects involving clean water and energy solutions. To learn more about Water Engineers and Technicians Without Borders and to get involved, email us at