Dr. Ruan Guoling 

Director - China 

Dr. Ruan Guoling is the chief engineer of the Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization, SOA (Tianjin). He has engaged in seawater desalination for 25 years. He accomplished the first 3000 t/d MED pilot project in China. He also accomplished many projects of seawater desalination, brackish water desalination and water reuse based on the membrane technology, and solved many technology problems. A 10000 t/d SWRO project, designed by him, has been successfully operated for 8 years. Currently, Dr. Ruan is in charge of the 20000 t/d SWRO pilot project. A series of cutting-edge technologies are expected to be used in this project. 

Dr. Ruan has received more than 10 awards from China government for his R & D in seawater desalination field, and has more than 70 academic publications and 29 patents. He is the recipient of the “State Council Special Allowance of China”. He is a candidate of “New Century Talents Project of China” from 2009, a policy making advisor of China Association for Science and Technology from 2010 and a member of review committee of the State Science and Technology of China in 2010.