Ms. Zamzam Saleh AlRakaf

Director - Kuwait

Zamzam Saleh AlRakaf is Chief Engineer of Desalination Projects, Ministry of Electricity & Water, State of Kuwait. In this position, she is responsible for executing and supervising all desalination projects in Kuwait.

She was Process Engineer in Doha West Power Station and was the first female engineer to work in the Power Station in Kuwait. Later she became Process Design Engineer in the Design Department for Desalination Projects and in 1992 was named the Director of the Design Department in Distillation Projects. 

In 2001, she became the Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of the Design Department. In 2016, she became Chief Engineer and continues in this role today.

She is also a qualified Arbitrator in the Ministry of Justice in Kuwait and is a member of Save International and Kuwait’s Engineering Society. Zamzam Saleh AlRakaf received a bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree with an honor list for Kuwait University.

Zamzam has been a Director of IDA for the past three terms and currently serves as the Second Vice President of the Association.